1. Mindtaint

    Your coffee-drenched smiles and ponytail still taint my mind.

  2. Overly Tainted

    My skin has been overly tainted by you. If I could peel it off and set it on fire and still live, believe me, I would.

  3. 1 More

    I got to see you one more time, and now I want to see you one more time.

  4. The Reason

    You deserve to be happy, I just tried too hard to be the reason why.

  5. Angry, Empty

    We were so young, what else were we to do? We had nothing to give but ourselves, pulling and ripping each other apart until there was nothing to give except hollow eyes and empty i love yous, our bodies, and it didn’t even feel special anymore, it never really did, just empty angry lust for something greater.

  6. tinder is the night

    I saw your profile on tinder, swiped you to the left and laughed my head off. Until I realized that I, too, am on tinder. Damn.

  7. If You Wonder

    If you ever wonder if I still love you, know that I do.

  8. Deep, Deep

    I wonder all the time if my attempts to talk to you and plans to try to get you back are just a part of my deep, deep denial.

  9. Spotify Me

    The only reason I keep my Spotify public these days is that I’m hoping you’ll see what I’m listening to and fall back in love with me.

  10. wanna

    I wanna be the outfit you wear on interviews

    I wanna be the watch you wear every day

    I wanna be the ninja turtles underpants you wear

    I wanna be the sheets you sleep in when you don’t wanna wear clothes

    I wanna be covered in your midnight sweats and morning breath

  11. Sides

    I let him sleep on my side of the bed. Just so he wouldn’t sleep on yours.

  12. Piercing

    Losing you hurt more than getting my nipples pierced.

  13. Quiet

    Without you, it’s quiet. Too quiet.

  14. Suite

    From now on every time I pass by a Hawthorne Suites, I’ll remember you with the sweet sadness of having wanted more but grateful for the time spent together.

  15. But Also Good

    I won’t ever forget how bad you sometimes smelled.


"Dear Old Love" is short, anonymous notes to people we've loved (or at least liked). Requited or unrequited.

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