1. BFM

    I loved how your hair was a big fluffy mess. Always. Here’s to a summer on a beach in Greece. Your name will always be a whisper in my heart.

  2. Outfits

    I keep finding perfect outfits for dates we’ll never go on again.

  3. So Many Moves

    I made the first move…and the second…..and the third…but you were too oblivious to ever notice. Or maybe you just didn’t care.

  4. Subsidin’

    I just realized:

    The pain subsides

  5. Aw Sheet

    I finally have sheets that you haven’t and won’t ever touch.

  6. Switched

    Our love was dirty and the sex was clean.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.

  7. Blurry

    One night we took pictures with my digital camera that turned out blurry; you told me, “Someday we’ll look back on these and almost be able to hear ourselves laughing.” I guess I always thought you meant we’d be looking back on them together…

  8. In the Eye of the Be-Doucher

    You’re married now and that’s okay. Your twitter feed tells me you’re kind of a douche now. Maybe you were a douche all along.

  9. Don’t Forget to Write!

    I wish you’d write about me like I do you.

  10. Oh You

    I always called you “Handsome”, you only ever called me “You…”

  11. Own Desserts

    I wish I was tough enough to tell you to never speak to me again, but I just wind up white-knuckle gripping the pieces of you I still get. Just like I always wish I would have ordered my own dessert but just wind up nibbling on yours.

  12. Always Assume

    Always assume I had a sex dream about you within the last month.
  13. Come Find Me

    I was too young and you were too recently divorced. Come find me in five years, okay?

  14. Shower Shimmy

    You taught me how to shimmy in the shower one day, but no matter how hard I tried, I could never shimmy like you did. And I’m the one with tits.

  15. Mvng Mtns

    I would’ve moved mountains for you, but you wouldn’t even pick up a fucking rock. 


"Dear Old Love" is short, anonymous notes to people we've loved (or at least liked). Requited or unrequited.

The ex-husband in Grace Paley's short story "Wants" says to his ex-wife, "I attribute the dissolution of our marriage to the fact that you never invited the Bertrams to dinner." If you're bitter, that's the way to express it here.

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